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   B = BeCo H = High T = Temperature  >>>>>  BHT <<<<<

We supply from stock about 100.000 bearings for high temperature.

     BHTS 2RS VT 250 280°

The BHTS 2RS VT 250°-280° ball bearings are designed on the dimensions of a standard
bearing but with treatments of stabilization, surface treatment, radial clearance, greases and
special Viton seals, which make them suitable for operation from -40°C to between +250° and
+280°C. Their recommended range of application is between +180° and +250°C. The dual
display of 250°- 280° was designed to clearly indicate that the bearing is effectively a bearing
for 280°C, but the Viton seals have a reduction of duration in excess of 250°C for which the
bearing achieves its best performance in the above mentioned range of 180° to 250°C. Below
220°C, there are the BHTS 2RS C4 VT 220° available, which are cheaper and also allow a
much higher rotational speed. The range of the BHTS 2RS VT 250°-280° is replacing the
BHTS ZZ 280°, which presents the same functional, structural characteristics, but with levels
of protection against weather conditions significantly lower. The Viton characteristics are ideal
in resisting many types of acids,however the BHTS 2RS VT 250°-280° is designed exclusively
for applications in high temperatures.
It cannot resist acid environment. Therefore, for the extreme applications, as high
temperature and the presence of acids we have a customized solution high temperature
stainless steel bearing available with Viton seals.

Technical characteristics

Bearing material: steel AISI 52100 (Chrome) stabilized to the application
Treatment of manganese phosphate coating on all steel parts of the bearing
Radial Clearance 4xC5
Seals 2RS Viton
Lubricated for life with PTFE based on silicone free grease for temperatures up to 280°C (with a
drop point above 400°C)
Do not need additional lubrication

Fields of application

Paint Ovens
Steel industry
Furnaces for Ceramic Industry
Trolley Industry, Trolley for Brick Kilns Industry


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