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   B = BeCo H = High T = Temperature  >>>>>  BHT <<<<<

We supply from stock about 100.000 bearings for high temperature.

Ball Bearings in Stainless Steel

The BSS 2RS bearings are made of hardened stainless steel for all the rotational parts and AISI 304 for the protection and the cage.

The construction in tempered stainless steel provides excellent results in applications mildly aggressive and is not recommended for use in the

presence of acids, salts, sea water, etc.

The BSS 2RS bearings are successful in many applications especially in the presence of weather conditions, making them an excellent solution

for the realisation of sliding glass doors for outside.

The presence of 2RS protection and suitable grease allows the direct use in applications without additional protection.

Technical characteristics:

Material tempered stainless steel

Standard Radial Clearance

Stainless Steel sheets type 2RS

Grease: The bearings are supplied greased

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