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   B = BeCo H = High T = Temperature  >>>>>  BHT <<<<<

We supply from stock about 100.000 bearings for high temperature.

     BHTS ZZ C4 220 250°

The BHTS ZZ C4 220°-250° ball bearings are developed based on the structure of a
standard bearing but with appropriate treatment of stabilization, radial clearance, greases and
ZZ shields which make them suitable for operation from -40°C to between +220°and +250°C.
Their application range is extremely wide and covers almost all areas of application, in
particular, the BHTS ZZ C4 220°-250° bearings allow a unique range of safety in all
applications where they can also occur temporarily and for reasons not dependent on the will
of the designer phenomena occasional overheating.
The current trend of globalization of supply often creates situations of application of products
not predictable and not calculable; the BHTS ZZ C4 220°-250° bearing allows total security
impossible with standard products and allows for safe use up to 250°C degrees. The
BHTS ZZ C4 220°-250°, is exactly identical to the BHTS 2RS C4 VT 220° with the only
difference of having the ZZ shields which allows a considerable cost savings compared to
sheet steel with Viton seal.

Technical characteristics

Bearing material: steel AISI 52100 (Chrome) stabilized to the application
Radial Clearance C4
Shields type ZZ
Lubricated with PTFE based on silicone free grease for temperatures up to 280°C

( with a drop point above 400° C )

Fields of application

Air conveyors
Industrial Fans
Packaging machinery
Steel industry
Ceramic industry
Papermaking industry

BeCo has the following novelties:
BHTS ZZ C4  200 ° c , available from 6200 to 6215, from 6000 to 6015,6300 to 6315 
This bearing represents the alternative to the codes:

SNR:  HT 200 ZZ     NTN : TS3 C4

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